02 Nov
Nous sommes partenaires

Conference ASI 2020

Nous sommes partenaires

02 - 06 November 2020


Médiamétrie is a partner of ASI, which organizes annual conference on key developments in media, advertising and marketing.    

Intervention by Frédéric Vaulpré, Director at Glance, on Tuesday 3rd November on the topic " Global review of lockdown viewing towards a "new normal"? A detailed analysis of TV and content comsumption since January "

Intervention by François Dufresne, Director of Development at Médiamétrie, on Wednesday 4th November on the topic " Data enriching TV - an addressable campaign Case-History "

Intervention by Julien Rosanvallon, Deputy General Director in charge of audience measures, on Friday 6th November on the topic : " A perspective on the WFA cross-média initiative "


23 Nov

Copenhagen TV Festival

23 - 24 November 2020

Copenhague, Danemark


The Copenhagen TV Festival is aimed at the television and streaming industry.

07 Jun

New European Market

07 - 10 June 2021

Dubrovnik, Croatia


New Europe Market (NEM) is an annual marketing conference, market and screenings event held in Dubrovnik.